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Earths Bounty E-Juice

Twisted Euphoria Delta 10 Carts (1Gram)

Twisted Euphoria Delta 10 Carts (1Gram)

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Introducing Twisted Euphoria's latest and most potent addition to their cartridge line: Delta 10 cartridges. Derived from premium full-spectrum hemp extract, these cartridges offer an intense therapeutic experience for those seeking powerful effects. With their high cannabinoid content, Delta 10 cartridges deliver fast and long-lasting relief. Elevate your therapeutic journey with Twisted Euphoria's exceptional Delta 10 cartridges today!

  • Fast Acting
  • NO Hemp Taste
  • Potent & Long Lasting
  • Delicious Award Winning Strains
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free | No Animal Gelatin
  • Made from Organic & US Grown Hemp
  • Farm Bill Compliant : < 0.3% ∆9THC

Mango, also referred to as “Mango OG”, smells like a combination of dank cookie dough and a deliciously ripe golden mango. Together, these two profiles create a sweet mango front, ensuring a tasteful experience for that euphoric feeling we love.

OG Kush has been described as having an earthy profile to its taste, also described to make its users happy and hungry! 

Wedding Cake, also known as “Triangle Mints #23”, is a strain yielding a rich and tangy flavor profile ith understones of earthy pepper. 

Super Lemon Haze characteristically possesses a lively smell of zesty lemons with a tart-like taste. For those that love lemon this is your pick!

Skywalker OG helps you sail into the galaxy, with its earthly herbal and pine aromas! 

Jack Herer has an unmistakable spicy, pine scent that is the result of crossing Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk.

Strawberry Cough, as its name suggests, has a very sweet energizing profile to both the smell and the taste. With its berry sensation and calming nature it is a great pick for the nerves! 

Fruity Cereal OG is a conglomeration of earthy and sweet flavors, simply will not disappoint!

ZkittleZ, or Skittlez, as the name suggests, has a very sweet berry and grape flavor and its greatest inducement is that of a euphoric and happy demeanor. 

Cookies, our most popular strain in Indica, holds a sweet profile!

Blue Dream’s flavor satisfies the taste buds of anyone wanting a sweet blueberry profile in their strain!

Granddaddy Purple is a calming strain with a sweet grape and berry taste!
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