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GeekVape P Tank

GeekVape P Tank

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Geekvape introduces the latest addition to their rugged line of mods and tanks, the GEEKVAPE P Tank. Engineered for direct lung (DL) vaping, this sub ohm tank is fully compatible with high-performance Z coils.

The P tank sets itself apart with an innovative "middle airflow" design, relocating the airflow control ring to the center of the tank. This advancement allows for enhanced airflow adjustment and introduces a secondary eLiquid storage section. The reengineered design, featuring three inlet ports, empowers you to achieve the perfect airflow for your preferred vaping style.

Durability is at its core, crafted from stainless steel and reinforced pyrex glass, making the P Sub Ohm Tank built to withstand the test of time. With a generous 5ml vape juice capacity, enjoy extended vaping sessions with fewer refills. Plus, with the included Mesh Z Coils, the GEEKVAPE P Sub Ohm tank guarantees exceptional vapor production and fantastic vape flavors.

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