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Honeyroot Delta-9 Gummies 35mg (2Count)

Honeyroot Delta-9 Gummies 35mg (2Count)

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Discover the Honeyroot Delta-9 THC Gummy 35mg, a single gummy packed with the goodness of delta-9 THC cannabinoids derived from legal hemp plants. Each gummy is carefully crafted to provide you with 35mg of delta-9 THC, delivering a potent and enjoyable experience.

For your convenience, the gummy is divided into seven 5mg servings, allowing you to customize your dosage according to your preference and needs. This precise serving size ensures a consistent and controlled experience every time.

Indulge in the delicious flavor of the Honeyroot Delta-9 THC Gummy 35mg and savor the benefits of delta-9 THC derived from high-quality hemp plants. Experience relaxation and enjoyment with this convenient and tasty way to incorporate delta-9 THC into your routine.

Note: Please consume responsibly and in accordance with legal regulations in your jurisdiction.

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